Have you tried everything for a long time and still are not at the level of health you desire? No matter how severe your health issues are, or where you are, I am here to help you.

I work from two foundational truths:

  1. You are unique.
    Your body is as unique as a fingerprint, so why would a one size fits all approach work? Your physiology, and symptoms, are the way they are today because of factors singular to you. You are an individual with a specific history, body, and lifestyle. I will work with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan for you.
  2. There are likely many root causes of your symptoms.
    To get lasting results, we need to address them all. There is no magical pill, protocol, or fad that will help you get well. We can’t fit your symptoms into a one-size-fits-all formula.; lets take the time to get to know what is truly going on in your body and your life.

Not in Grand Rapids? Online services are available.

Functional Nutrition counseling in-person or online at your convenience.